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ABOUT US (Bill & Karen)



Bill: Born and bred in Northeast Scotland (Keith, Banffshire, hence the name of this website - it's not all about me!) and enjoy returning to familiar areas there to see the changes, however have spent the vast majority of life away from it and no longer hear much of what happens there. Married to Karen, my centre of gravity and around whom my world revolves, confirming that even such as myself can find real gold, I am blessed that I did so in 1988.


Karen: is originally from Glasgow's east end and we met when we both worked at The Queen's College in that fine city.


Karen works for City of Edinburgh Council as one of their Housing Regeneration Managers but in spite of that and being my wife, remains remarkably sane after more than 27 years.


Approaching the next few years with positive outlook and hope to have time to pursue our interests and hobbies with increased commitment when, eventually, we get around to retiring.

BILL'S CAREER "but working to live, not living to work"


Two separate and busy career streams....


Scientific Civil Service 1969 - 1982 Meteorological Office (Air Ministry), UK and Overseas. See 'Career 1' below.


Professional IT experience since 1985 over 31 years with a good track record in software development, and dedicated software testing totaling 20 years since 1996. See 'Career 2' below.

Career 1 - Meteorological Office


Assistant Scientific Officer, Synoptic and Upper-Air Meteorology with mobility throughout the UK (excluding Wales) at RAF and Civilian Airfields as well as Ocean Weather Ship service in the Atlantic, and overseas service in the Indian Ocean.


Career 2 - Software Developer /Tester


An experienced and rounded software tester and test manager with a portfolio of experience, training and skills transferable (in theory if not de facto) to project management when necessary. Good experience in test strategy and planning, manual and automated testing, functional and non-functional test types, system and UAT. Keen on process definition in all areas of test planning and test conduct. Champion of continuous improvement initiatives throughout project and testing lifecycles wherever possible.



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