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Karen's Lynch Family History


Karen's father was Bernard (Benny) McLaughlin Lynch. Benny was born into a Catholic family with Irish origins, in Bridgeton in the East end of Glasgow. There's a rough family tree shown below with more detail.


Benny had a mixed but continuous work history which included working at Glasgow's Meat Market, joining the army just after or at the end of the second world war seeing service in Palestine up to 1947, wood-cutter for the Forestry Commission, seasonal hotel work throughout Scotland including Gleneagles, Crieff hydro, etc., and ending working life with lengthy service as a tobacco checker at the W.D. & H.O. Wills cigarette factory (no longer existing) on Alexandra Parade.


Benny married Margaret Gordon who was raised in the NorthEast of Scotland around the Moray Firth areas of Burghead and Inverness, in 1951.


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