Met Office

Meteorological Office (1969 - 1982)


Assistant Scientific Officer, Synoptic and Upper-Air Meteorology (Scientific Civil Service, Air Ministry) active throughout the UK (excluding Wales) at RAF and Civilian Airfields as well as Ocean Weather Ship service in the Atlantic, and overseas service in the Indian Ocean.



RAF Pitreavie | 1969

First posting straight from school, during which basic training (synoptic meteorology) at Shinfield Park College in London for 2 months. Travelled to London from Aberdeen with and trained alongside Peter Allen Fraser from Unst in Shetland. Both returned to RAF Kinloss.


RAF Kinloss, Moray | 1970 - 1972

Synoptic operational


RAF Macrihanish | 1971

Mull of Kintyre - to be updated. Les Thomson.


Met Station Hemsby, Norfolk | 1972

Radio-Sonde training (upper-air meteorology).


Met Station Shanwell (Tayport, Fife) | 1973

Radio-Sonde operational.


Met Station Ocean Weather Ships (Atlantic OWS Monitor, onshore base Greenock) | 1973 - 1975

Synoptic & Upper-air Click here to see the Monitor.


RAF Gan (Tropical Indian Ocean) | 1975 - 1976

Upper-air - For a taster pic, Click here


Met Station Lerwick Observatory (Shetland Isles) | 1976 - 1978

Synoptic & Upper-air


Met Station Belfast (Aldergrove) Airport (N.Ireland) | 1978 - 1980



Met Station Aberdeen Airport | 1980 - 1982





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